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SRMA Programs

Monday – Friday, 7:00 am to 6:30 pm. When they’re too old for day care but too young to stay home alone, we offer full time or part time before and after school Martial Arts. Drop your child off as early as 7:00 am and we’ll take care of getting them to school. After school we will ensure they arrive at South River Martial Arts either by school bus or van. Once here they will work on homework, receive a Taekwondo lesson and engage in safe, chaperoned activities until you pick them up. You not only have peace of mind while you work knowing your child is in a safe, supervised facility, but you and your child also gain the many proven benefits that martial arts bestows on its students. Some of the benefits of participating in a martial arts program are: increased respect for self and others, greater self-esteem and confidence, physical fitness along with learning how to defend oneself etc…
We offer classes for every age group. Team Eagle is for 3-5 year olds, we also have programs for 6 year olds up through adult. Classes are taught by a senior Black Belt and every student will learn forms, strikes, kicks and board breaking. To progress to the next belt level each student is given the opportunity to show their mastery of the techniques at a Promotional Testing. Those students who show they are ready will earn the next belt level.
Select South River Martial Arts students are nominated by the Master Instructor for membership in this elite group. Students selected for this group are academically at the top of their class, show an enthusiasm and desire to study martial arts and conduct themselves in such a way that they make excellent role models for other students. Members of Teen leadership will gain valuable experience in helping lead classes, community involvement, volunteering, public speaking and team building exercises. Students chosen for this group are expected to serve as “role models” and must uphold the values of the Dojang.
South River Martial Arts is proud to have started an exchange program between the U.S. and Korea. The program was started in 2009 and is steadily growing in popularity. Students, who express a desire to pursue a degree in Martial Arts, are academically at the top of their class, members on the Teen Leadership Team and show enthusiasm and potential may be selected for the exchange program. The selected student will go to Korea for a month- live with a host family and study martial arts at Kukkiwon. At the same time Korean students are selected to come to South River Martial Arts and help instruct classes under the supervision of Master Seo (6th Degree Black Belt). These exchange students are immersed in the culture and live with selected host families from South River Martial Arts. Students who have been chosen for this program state it is an AWESOME EXPERIENCE and they are very encouraging to anyone considering it.

Taekwondo Black Belt Curriculums

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