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SRMA Events

During the school year when schools are closed but businesses are open (ie: Winter Break, Spring Break, Martin Luther King Day etc..) no need to worry about who will watch your child while you are at work – THE SOLUTION – South River Martial Arts Fun Camps. Fun Camps are the same hours as Before and After School Martial Arts. Fun Camps offer supervised games and activities and also include a field trip. Just pack a snack and lunch for your child, drop them off as early as 7:00 am and go to work secure in knowing your child is in a safe, supervised environment.
On select dates during the year students and their guests are invited to sleepover in the Dojang (South River Martial Arts training facility). The fun begins at 6:00 pm when parents drop off their overnight campers. Campers will enjoy a dinner of pizza and then an action packed evening of supervised games and activities. Lights are out at 11:00 pm. Morning wakeup is bright and early at 7:00 am and the day is started off right with an early morning workout and then off to Old Country Buffet for Breakfast. After breakfast campers will head back to the Dojang for their parents to pick them up at 9:00 am. South River Martial Arts students are allowed to invite a guest. Dinner and breakfast is included!
On select dates during the year South River Martial Arts hosts a fun night. Fun Nights are normally held on Friday or Saturday evening. The fun begins at 6:00 pm when parents/guardians may drop of their children and then head out for 3 hours of free time. It is a great time for the children as well as a stress free quiet evening for parents/guardians. Drop your child off secure in knowing they are in a supervised safe environment; enjoying themselves in the company of other children. You don’t even have to worry about dinner – we’ll be serving them pizza! Pickup is at 9:00 pm. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
On select dates during the year the Dojang is transformed into a Nerf Battle Zone with Bunkers and Obstacles! Participants need to be prepared to battle it out with music, lights, bunkers – it’s always a good time for all! Participants must bring safety goggles, Nerf guns and ammunition then settle down for 3 hours of competitive Nerf War Games. Parents drop off is at 6:00pm and pickup is 9:00 pm. There is a cease-fire for pizza so no need to worry about dinner.
On select dates throughout the year South River Martial Arts students and their families are invited for an early Saturday morning workout followed by breakfast. Participants meet at South River Martial Arts and if the weather is permitting the workout will be done outside. Master Seo will lead everyone in group exercises that are both challenging and fun. Following 45 minutes of working out a cool down will begin and then it’s off to Old Country Buffet to enjoy breakfast. This is a great way to start your Saturday and a nice way to meet and mingle with other students and families after the workout at breakfast. OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
South River Martial Arts offers a great option for birthday celebrations. Birthday celebrations are held on Saturdays from 1:00 – 2:30 pm or 3:00 – 4:30 pm. The first hour of the party is handled by us it is an action packed hour of supervised fun for the birthday boy/girl and their guests. After the games and Taekwondo the parents/guardians take over the cake and celebration part of the party. You are free to decorate anyway you like and personalize the party to ensure the celebration is special and a great success! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Several times during the year South River Martial Arts provides free information or training sessions at no cost to the public. Typical courses include:

Stranger Danger – presented to children; differentiates between good and bad strangers and courses of action if approached by a stranger.
Self Defense – presented to women, hands on training of various actions and reactions.
Family Fitness – presented to families, exercise session highlighting fun and benefits of exercising together.
Academic Excellence Certificate – given to local elementary schools for all those students who achieve honor roll or are recommended by teacher.

All students are encouraged to attend and/or participate in Competitions. Those wishing to participate in a competition are coached during class. South River Martial Arts students rank very high in area competitions. Two South River Martial Arts Students have received $15,000 College Scholarship awarded from the University of Bridgeport. In June, 2013 South River Martial Arts received the Presidents Cup from George Mason University.
South River Martial Arts is proud to have started a joint training program with other Martial Arts Schools in the area. On select dates South River Martial Arts hosts students along with their Instructors from other Martial Arts Schools to work out and train at SRMA. Soon after the SRMA hosted training a reciprocal training is given for South River Martial Arts students and Instructors at the other Martial Arts Facility. Following the training sessions time is given for mingling and team building exercises. The session is concluded by eating a meal together. This is a very popular event and all who have attended enjoy meeting and forming a bond with other students who enjoy Martial Arts.
BE PREPARED! Classes are given periodically or as requested by a group of 10 or more. If the unthinkable happens do you know your best reaction to the situation? How you react to an attack can mean the difference between being a victim or escaping. Self Defense classes are taught by a 6th Degree Black Belt certified to teach Self Defense to Women, Children, Police, and the Military.