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Why South River Martial Arts?

We are constantly challenging ourselves to provide the best facility and training available. Students serious in pursuing advance study in Martial Arts will be given an opportunity to train in Korea through our Exchange Program. All our students are given the opportunity to participate in Joint Training with other Martial Art Schools in the Area. We encourage academic excellence from all our students and two of our students have received scholarships for Martial Arts from the University of Bridgeport.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide top notch martial arts instruction and programs that challenge the mind, body and spirit and also foster self improvement, respect, self defense and physical fitness for students of all ages and abilities.

Our Valuable Team Members

Yongbeom Kim
Yongbeom KimGrandmaster
– 8th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt from Kukkiwon in Korea
– Ph.D in Physical Education at Kyung Hee University in Korea
– National President Cup Taekwondo Championship – Gold Medalist
– National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship – Gold Medalist
– Korean National Team and Kyung Hee University Team Coach
– 1995 Ukraine National Team Coach
– 2004 Collegiate Olympic Games/Universaide USA Team Coach
– Director of Martial Arts Institute, Chairman of Martial Arts Studies,
Assistant Professor at University of Bridgeport

Grandmaster Kim has been a mentor and teacher of Master Seo’s for several years. Grandmaster Kim opened a martial arts school in 1992 called YB World Taekwondo Academy in Stamford, CT. This fulfilled a lifelong goal of his to help promote and advocate the benefits of the martial arts in the United States. His school was very successful and grew rapidly. With the success of his school, Grandmaster Kim then set out to create the first accredited martial arts college major in the United States. After many years in 2004, he eventually achieved his dream by establishing the four year Martial Arts Studies undergraduate program at the University of Bridgeport. In 2005, Master Seo became Grandmaster Kim’s first student to receive a Bachelors degree in Martial Arts Studies from the University of Bridgeport. They developed a strong friendship and Grandmaster Kim became a mentor to Master Seo. Grandmaster Kim serves as the program chair and a Professor at the University of Bridgeport to this day.

Hyun Kyu Seo
Hyun Kyu SeoMaster Instructor
Master Instructor Hyun Kyu Seo currently holds a 6th Degree Taekwondo Black Belt from Kukkiwon in Korea and a 4th Degree Hapkido Black Belt from the Korea Hapkido Federation. He also holds a BA Degree in Martial Arts from the University of Bridgeport and a BA in Physical Education from Korea. He was an Assistant Professor in Martial Arts program at the University of Bridgeport and was the first person to receive a BA Degree in Martial Arts Studies in the United States. Master Seo began his training in Martial Arts at the age of 6; he has over 27 years experience in Martial Arts. Throughout his career he has competed at various levels, has won numerous competitions and held many positions to include: Member of National Hapkido Demonstration Team in Korea, Coach of University of Bridgeport Taekwondo Team. Master Seo is passionate about Martial Arts and instills that passion in his students.
Jack Her
Jack HerAfter School Coordinator
Mr. Jack has been with South River Martial Arts since it opened its’ doors in 2008. He has held many positions to include Director, Office Manager, Recruiter etc.. He is a valuable asset to the organization and has helped create the excellent reputation associated with South River Martial Arts. Currently Mr. Jack fills the position of After School Coordinator. He ensures the smooth, safe and effective operation of the Before and After School Program. The Before and After School Program currently includes students from six Anne Arundel County Schools. Parents who have chosen to enroll their children in this program are secure in knowing their child is in a safe, secure and supervised environment until they pick them up.
Highmy Her
Highmy HerDirector
Highmy Her began working at South River Martial Arts in 2012. Prior to her position at SRMA Highmy had several years experience as an Instructor and tutor working in the Prince George County Public School System. Mrs. Her also taught in the Korea Science Academy as a Freshman Biology teacher. Her experiences along with her education make her a perfect match for her current position as Director. Highmy is responsible for oversight and guidance for all programs and operations at SRMA. Highmy’s enjoyment of teaching is evident when she works with students enrolled in our camps and the After School Program. She presents a very caring, approachable attitude, which both employees and customers appreciate. Highmy’s background along with her innovative thinking has led to the continued success and popularity of our programs.
Jeanette Mccaffrey
Jeanette MccaffreyOffice Manager
Jeanette McCaffrey began working at South River Martial Arts in 2009. Ms. McCaffrey previously worked as a Management Analyst for the Department of Defense, DOD. In 2008, she medically retired after 24 years. As a management analyst her duties included studying organizations to determine optimal operations and efficiencies, marketing strategies, customer service, entering and then analyzing data. Her experience, dedication and enjoyment of helping customers not only ensure the office operates smoothly it also allows customers to have a voice and management to be in tune with their expectations.
Kirsten Hair
Kirsten HairInstructor
Kirsten Hair has been involved in Martial Arts for the past 6 years. She, her husband and three sons are all Black Belts. Kirsten has a Masters in Accountancy and works as a Financial Administrator for a non-profit organization but her true passion is Taekwondo. In January 2010 Kirsten began assisting with classes. She received her 1st Dan Black Belt in April 2011 and began leading classes in May 2012. In November 2012 she earned her 2nd Dan Black Belt. In June 2014 she became an Instructor certified through the University of Bridgeport. She has instructed all age groups from 3 to adult and assisted/lead presentations on leadership, bullying, child safety, stranger/danger and Taekwondo sparring referee. In November 2014 she was the recipient of a Kukkiwon Letter of Commendation for her contribution to the development and dissemination of Taekwondo.

Team Poomsae

Team Leadership